1. Hello from France ! I just discovered your site through one of your videos (I wrote two comments this afternoon ! ) and I headed to your site when you mentioned your homepage. I must admit you master the art of decorating and art-journaling ! Its more than my words can say : something about prodigy ?
    I think you could publish a book about “how to decorate my journal pages” or something like that !
    Just a question about this picture : this page is called “sweet tooth treatment”. What is it about ? I’m just curious !
    If I may suggest one thing : maybe you know a lot of Filofax lovers, planner-lovers and so on. There is one among the planner-community that you would probably like, her Youtube channel is called “Lisa Rides Again”, and your pages made me think of hers (or the contrary ! ).
    Have a nice day ! Please answer me !
    Best regards
    Marie-Hélène Lachaud (alias Emmashell = MHL when you pronounce my three initials in French !)


    • Hi! Your message made me so happy! Thank you for your kind words!
      I like your idea about getting a book published but I’m not sure that many would like to read it 🙂
      Sweet tooth treatment … I have to look where it says that because I don’t remember at the moment 😛
      I’ll look into Lisa Rides Again and see what she’s up to. Thank you for your tip!
      If I should recommend somebody that also loves Filofaxes it would be Rhomany’s Realm or mysummertouch and they are both on Instagram and on Youtube.
      Take care! Best regards from me 🙂


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