I have a few videos on Youtube and if you are interested in Filofaxes and Scrapbooking you should take a look.

My Finsbury Filofax (Dodo-pads, GTD and ZTD)
This one is the video that has got the most viewers and it’s all about my Filofax. It’s a long video but it also has got a lot of information about how I use scrapbooking techniques to decorate it with. 
My purple Malden A5 Filofax and also my cats 

Filofax A5 Fusion setup 

My classic A5 Filofax update 2015
This video is about my amazing pink Classic Filofax. 

An update on my A5 Malden Filofax
My purple Malden Filofax was also one of my favorites. 

A short video about my lovely Fusion A5 Filofax
This one is about my Filofax, the Fusion A5. I really loved this one. 

My A4 Finsbury Filofax Setup Tour
This Filofax is a big one but it does´t matter because it’s the inside that counts. 

My Classic Franklin Covey Planner with 2″ rings
Lately I’ve found the Franklin Planners and I fell in love with the big rings. It’s amazing how many papers you can put in this planner. 

Paperbag journal – Recipe book
This is a video about my homemade cookie recipe book that I made from paper bags. Very feminine.

Distressing paper for the Filofax
This one is about how to distress pages. I distress all my pages in my Filofaxes. It’s a hard work but it looks so much nicer I think. 

My Junk and art journal
This one is about my homemade junk journal that I made from old envelopes.