I made a filing case book in the size of A4 for all the papers and etcetera that I usually carry around. I also made pockets to put my monthly calendar sheets in.


The filing case is made out of big paper bags that I glued together and I made pockets of the paper bag flaps. Before I glued them I distressed all the edges of the paper bags with black. On every page and flap I put cardstocks from Tim Holtz collection. You could say its steam punk inspired and that isn’t a coincident because I LOVE the style.


I call it “Homemade Filofax” because that’s exactly what it is. I got an order from a young woman that wanted a steam punk calendar with papers that you can bring with you and move around as you like.


What I did was that I took a binder and cut off the edges, like 5 centimeters (2 inches) and then I painted the edges black. On top the frame I glued on a cardstock with the steam punk theme and also on the back.


Inside I made a big pocket for a small note pad and I distressed all the edges of the papers. I made a divider out of cardstocks and typed out the names of the dividers on a Dymo label machine.

The front cover
The back
The side and the dividers
The inside – money pocket and the penholder
The last page with a folder


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