The cover

In October 2012 I was making a calendar folder which I wanted to work as a calendar but also as a folder (there for the name).

I wanted the steampunk look which I grow so fond of. There for I picked cardstocks etcetera that matched the theme.

What I did was that I took eight big paper grocery bags and then I started to distress all the edges with black distress ink.

When I was done all I had to do was to glue the bags together and also decorate them. I made a lot of pockets to put note papers in but also so I could carry all my debit and credit cards.

I used grey wallpaper at the back of the calendar folder to hide the hinges but the wallpaper had also decorating purpose, which looked nice. I also used a lace to hide the seam. Of course the lace was polka dotted! I used the same lace when I made the closing mechanism. I glued it on before I put the decorating cardstocks on the covers.

Unfortunately I haven’t used it so much but I brought it with me each day in my rucksack for a while. The size of it became bigger than A4 but it doesn’t weight that much but it was because of the size that I choose not to bring it with me anymore.

A detail – the small pocket
A detail – the small pocket
The polka dotted lace that holds the whole thing together
Steampunk ladies (love them)
A sheet