I´ve decorated my Filofaxes for a long time now and I what can I say? I can confess … I´m addicted!

What I usually do is that I love to destress all my papers so that they get a nice black industrial look. I guess it´s kind of a steampunk thing or at least some parts of it. To save money and space in my Filofax, I always make copies of the cardstocks that I buy and when I´m watching something on TV I cut the pictures out and collects them in a bag. Whenever I want to decorate my Filofax I choose from the bag and of course I need to distress the pictures before I can glue them into the calendar.


I´m not only addicted to Filofaxes but I´m also crazy about fountain pens. I´ve bought some cheap ones from ebay and the cheapest ones are the Jinhoa. They are not expensive but they are actually very nice to write with. But if you want to buy some more expensive ones you can get one with a famous brand like Cross or Parker. I´ve got a favorite fountain pen and it´s my Franklin Covey. It´s perfect! My handwriting likes the pen and the pen makes the most out of it.


If you are going to use a fountain pen the paper needs to be great. Most papers make the ink bleed through and who likes that? No one. Rhodia has some awesome papers that make the ink glide and no bleeding through as far as you can see.


Why an A4? Well, I like to have much space to write on and to put my pictures on. I use it as my personal calendar and as my work calendar, there for it needs to for fill my wishes. The only problem is that the ring binder is too small. I wish that Filofax could make an A4 Filofax with ring binders that are 30 mm (or bigger) in diameter. Maybe I need to abandon my Filofaxes and see what Franklin Covey has got. But for now, I´ll survive!



Okay, enough talking, let’s see how I decorate my Filofax. Enjoy!




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