Bullet journaling has been something that I’ve been doing before but back then (in 2014) it wasn’t fully developed. I missed some important things just because the bullet journal didn’t have a future log. But now the system has got a future log and I’m back with the system and I love it! I haven’t missed out on any important things at all and I feel that I’m in control with everything.

Last time I had a Moleskine squared notebook but this time I’m using my A5 Domino Filofax with squared papers and I love to decorate the pages so it looks nice. The reason that I’m using my Filofax is that I can adjust it as I want with the papers. If I need some more papers – I put some in. I don’t have to carry around a lot of empty pages which is pointlessly.

In the beginning of the Bullet Journal there is the Index that will help me find any particular list or daily or monthly log because every page that I start to write on needs a page number so it’ll be easy to find.

I’m a list maker and I like to make lists about anything and everything, for example; movies, to buy, books to read, books that I’ve read, routines about things, new year’s resolutions, birthdays, packing list, lends, health, passwords, economy, orders, eating, wishing, Instagram words and finally lists to list.

Some of the pages I need to find quickly and there for I have tags which helps me tremendously. For example the monthly log of January I need to catch fast and it can actually be hard to find specific pages in the Index, even though I have highlighted the most important headlines. I think that’s the only negative thing about the Bullet Journal.

I’m using the “old system” with a squared bullet for a task. Even if the key symbols for the new system has changed I think I like the old one best. But it’s a matter of taste.

My Filofax isn’t just a calendar, it’s also my wallet. In the back I have all my credit and debit cards and coupons etcetera. The Domino has got a flexible rubber band that makes my Filofax expandable, which is great!

Let’s see what’s inside of my Filofax and my Bullet Journal.




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