This is my paper bag journal. A lot of pockets and they are made out of the wing of the paper bag.

Some years ago I came across the paper bag journals and I started to make my own. Now I have made several of them and not one of them look alike. I have also started to have courses at Medborgarskolan in Trollhättan (Sweden) so I can teach others how to make them.

The first thing I do is that I collect at least six paper bags that look nice. It´s not much of the bag that will be shown when the book is done but you can be able to see some of it so I like to choose nice bags with nice colors. If I choose small paper bags I´ll get a small book and with big paper bags I´ll get a big book.

There are different ways to put the paper bags together but usually I take two bags and put them together with a paper hinge. When all the pages are together I make the covers from a hard cardstock but before I glue them on I decorate the covers with nice papers. Hinges holds the covers on place and when that’s done, I glue a backside on, made out of wall papers. When this is all done, then it´s only the decorating left to do.

It´s all up to you what you want to do with the journal/book. Here´s some of the things you can use it as:

  • A photo album
  • A travel journal
  • A birthday book
  • A love album with quotes and ideas
  • A recipe book
  • A washitape collection book


I´ll share some of the paper bag journals that I and my course participants have made.


My course participant wanted to make a waterfall photo mat. This is halfway through.
Waterfall photo mats.
A pocket with a tag inside.
On of my course participant did this. She made a pocket out of the paper bag wing.
Lovely colors!
Lovely colors!
Made from one of my course participants. Lovely colors!
A detail from my paper bag journal.
I took a picture of flowers and put some Glossy Accent on it and then made a small pocket with two open sides for my tags to fit into.
This will be a pocket.
A detail from my paper bag journal.